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Double your productivity and placements with our AI recruiting Masterclass. Learn advanced strategies, tools and techniques that will empower you to harness the power of AI to revolutionize your recruiting efforts.

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Unleash the Potential of AI-Driven Recruitment

Our expertise in AI-driven recruitment strategies combined with practical use-cases of ChatGPT, allows us to equip recruiters with innovative tools to excel in their roles. Unlock the potential to achieve exceptional results, elevate your recruitment game, and stay ahead in the competitive talent acquisition landscape. 

Enhanced Strategy

Learn to deploy ChatGPT in all phases of your recruitment process.

Mastery of AI Tools

Gain confidence and proficiency in utilizing AI technology in recruitment.

Personalized Approach

Understand how to tailor your recruitment strategies using ChatGPT.

Hard skills + cultural fit = the perfect match

With 42matches, you’re not just getting a few more CVs for your open positions. You’re gaining a strategic partner, committed to your success. With our proven culture assessment and the experience from hundreds of projects, will find the perfect candidates, tailored to your specific roles and company culture which starts a positive spiral of rising productivity, satisfaction und retention.

we are on a mission

To revolutionize recruiting, making it more efficient, personalized, and successful using cutting-edge AI technology.

Stellar Recruitment

Evolve into an outstanding recruiter with AI-assisted strategies. Gain the competitive edge in talent acquisition by harnessing the power of AI.

Efficiency and Productivity

Boost your productivity by focusing on your core business tasks while minimizing the mundane.

Greater Hiring Success

Enhance your job satisfaction and outcomes with more successful placements. Become known for your exceptional track record of successful placements.

What you can expect from us

 We’re not just another recruiting agency. We are your strategic partner in securing the top tech talents that will propel your company to new heights. Experience the difference that exceptional talent makes and gain a competitive advantage that fuels your growth.

Confidentiality and Trust

Your business information is safe with us. We prioritize your privacy and adhere to stringent confidentiality protocols to ensure the utmost discretion and security.

In-depth industry knowledge

In this swiftly evolving tech world, we stay ahead and simplify tech trends through clear, concise training, empowering you to harness their full potential in recruitment.

First Class Experience

We believe in providing not just a service, but a transformative learning journey that is personalized, engaging and efficient in equipping you with the latest skills.

"The AI training from 42matches has given us a new understanding of the potential of artificial intelligence in our daily work. Thanks to the concrete use cases, we were able to significantly speed up work processes, especially in the creation of job descriptions in our projects. We really appreciate the clear and competent delivery of the content by the 42matches team and look forward to further training sessions."

Maria Fischer, Managing Director @ Fischer HRM GmbH

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