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I got promoted a few months ago in Bitwala, I’m a tech lead now, also i’m learning german, things are really good. I hope everyone has the chance to work with such a professional and caring agency.

I always wanted to work in Germany, it was my dream, long story short, I sent my resume to 42matches and few months later I started my new job in Berlin, they support me all the way from Visa process to relocation.

If they contacted you, your life going to change, like mine did,  no joking!

Emad Dehnavi
Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead at Bitwala


We attract the best global IT talent and match it with most inspiring tech teams of the European startup world. We ensure a smooth visa and relocation process – for the fastest and most effective matchmaking possible. Meet our Managing Partner, Moritz Drerup, and find out what makes 42matches special:

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Don't take our word for it

I was looking for job opportunities in Germany all the way sitting from Pakistan. I was using LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and many other platforms but it was very difficult for me to find a perfect company that supports relocation, visa, and other stuff. 

Once I got in contact with 42matches, things started flying for me. I started getting interview calls and even interview invites from the companies in Germany. They managed everything starting from the job search until my visa process. 

Recently I have started working with Check24 in Munich. I not only got a good job in Germany but also made good friends in my journey with 42matches.

What we do differently

Our consultants source the best tech talent willing to relocate from Eastern Europe, the Arabic world, and South America. This occurs through local networks, closed user groups and specialized social media channels. In addition, we hold local relocation events in our main markets to inform about opportunities and requirements of relocating to Western Europe.

We put a high emphasis on creating the perfect match. With a series of personal interviews with candidates and clients we decode skills, aspirations and values of both sides – we don’t only match skills, but also purpose. Only when a high level of common ground for both sides exists, we serve as matchmakers by bringing companies and clients together.

Our job only starts with introducing both sides to each other. We foster the entire process from the first interview until employment starts. Most importantly, for non-EU people we organize the visa ourselves and facilitate the full relocation process from bureaucracy support, housing advice to connecting candidates from the same nationality.

42matches got me into a very good company that, sadly, had to stop the onboarding process due to Covid. But the team from 42matches didn’t give up. They went the extra mile and introduced me to an even bigger company. 

Therefore, right now I am working with a great team as a Software Engineer in Munich. The support from the agency is truly remarkable as they made sure that I land my dream job, even in these times of uncertainty. 

I truly admire and appreciate their professionalism and support.

Tahir Raza
Software Developer

Frequently asked questions

During our first call, we will share with you the job listings we have available which match your profile. If your CV is ready to go, we can send your profile to our clients to review soon after our call. If your CV requires some tweaks, we will provide you with the necessary resources and support. After your CV has been sent to the client, we will update you as soon as we hear back from the client about whether you have been invited to the next round – the first client interview.

As soon as we receive new job descriptions, we will send you a message via Skype or Google Hangouts. Therefore, please remain logged in if you are in an active job search and don’t miss any opportunities!

No, our focus is within the tech industry.

42matches offers a free service for jobseekers. Visa and relocation costs are the only fees incurred by you. 

No! We will not send your CV to any of our clients without your approval.

If they work within the tech sector like yourself then you absolutely should! Please send us their CV and contact details so we can set up a call with them. 

Job application & Interviewing

Yes, this is something we can offer advice, resources and support with. If you require some assistance with your CV, we will provide you with some helpful feedback during our initial call. We will then send you our sample template. We will ask you to send this back to us as a docx. File so we can help you with further adjustments. You will be sent back a copy of the final CV for approval. Once approved, we can send your profile out to the client. 

Most of the time no, the majority of our clients’ company language is English. If your English is dusty, we recommend perfecting this before your relocation to Germany. Clear and strong English communication is a highly important skill set. Once in Germany however, we strongly encourage you to take up German lessons. 

Some roles however will require a basic understanding of German language or at the very least a keen willingness to learn.

This varies depending on the client, it can range from 1 – 14 days.

This varies depending on the client. Usually there is an initial HR interview followed by a technical challenge, then a technical code review interview. Thereafter there might be 1-3 more interviews which are with various departments and more about team fit, workplace culture and an opportunity to meet more team members. 

Not at all, please write your CV in English. 

No need to apply directly, we will send your application to the client. 

Be patient. Some companies receive a lot of applications and since the interview process consists of several stages it might take some time until your application will be reviewed. It doesn’t mean your profile is not being considered, it just means that the company chooses the right candidates carefully! 

There are many variables to consider and unfortunately we cannot put a timeline on this! It all depends on the jobs available and of course the final selection is up to the client. We of course want to help you land your dream job as quickly as possible so we do our best to keep you updated with new job opportunities and assist where we can. 

Relocation and visa support

The visa process can vary depending on what country you are located in. We will help you schedule your appointment with the German embassy. Usually after you are given an appointment, you are sent a checklist of the documents you need to get ready for the appointment. We understand that the mountain of paperwork can be a little daunting and we are here to assist with any questions you may have. We will also check in with you before your appointment to be sure you have all the correct documentation. We want to help avoid any delays you may have with your visa being approved!

Unfortunately there is some truth to this statement. We will however happily share with you our tips and tricks of how to have the best chances of securing accommodation. We also have some excellent short term accommodation recommendations where you can obtain your Anmeldung (the first important bureaucratic hoop to jump through after arriving in Germany). 

Some roles however will require a basic understanding of German language or at the very least a keen willingness to learn.

The average processing time of a visa application is around 1-2 months. Depending on your country of residence, this might take longer since some embassies don’t have the capacities to process the applications fast. 42matches will assist you in any possible way to make your visa process as fast and as smooth as possible. 

Never fear, there is still hope! If you have enough professional working experience as a IT professional you are still eligible for a national visa, meaning you can live and work in Germany! This is because there is a shortage of IT specialists in Germany and you my friend are highly sought after! Further information can be found here: https://www.deutschland.de/en/topic/business/the-skilled-labour-immigration-act-working-in-germany 

This is dependent on the employment package you receive from the company who hires you! 

Of course! In fact, we encourage you to keep in touch with the team. We love to keep updated not only about your employment journey but also want to hear about your personal experience in transitioning into your new life in Germany! The team is located in Berlin and if you end up in another city, send us a message if you are ever visiting Berlin and we will happily meet up for a beer or coffee!


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