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Foster Seamless Career Transitions.

In times of restructuring, downsizing, or employee transitions, it’s vital to part ways responsibly and with integrity. We support your organization by offering tailor-made outplacement services that ensure your employees land smoothly into their next career phase.


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Corporate Responsibility in Action

Navigate Employee Transitions with Grace and Efficiency

When facing restructuring or workforce reduction, 42matches provides compassionate and practical outplacement support to guide your employees towards their next career steps.

Seamless Transition

Ensure a successful and smooth transition for your employees into their next roles – accompanied by professionals

Employee Empowerment

Create an environment of growth and development, showing your commitment towards your employees’ career progression.

Uphold Company Reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ welfare, enhancing your reputation as a caring and responsible employer.

we are on a mission

We are committed to enabling smooth transitions during professional changes. Our mission is to confidently guide your employees towards their next career chapter.

Resume Refinement

We assist employees in effectively showcasing their skills and experiences through professional resume refinement.

Career Guidance

We offer personalized career coaching to help employees map out their next career direction.

Job Search Strategy

We equip your employees with the necessary job search skills, enabling them to successfully navigate the job market.

Interview Coaching

We provide thorough interview preparation and training to bolster employees’ confidence and performance.

Career Transition Support

We extend comprehensive support during the transition period, assisting employees in any potential challenges they may face.

What you can expect from our
career coaching program

What you can expect from our career coaching program

Our services are personalized to meet individual needs, ensuring each of your employees is well-prepared for their next career move. Trust us to prioritize your business reputation and employee wellbeing during times of change.

Confidentiality and Trust

Your business information is safe with us. We prioritize your privacy and adhere to stringent confidentiality protocols to ensure the utmost discretion and security.

Efficient Transition

With a well-managed and streamlined process that minimizes disruption we wholeheartedly support your employees in a smooth career transitions.

First Class Service

Trust us to provide a calm and constructive experience amid the waves of change. We strive to foster a seamless transition during these transformative periods.

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