Don't hire your next tech executive
before you
talked to us

Schedule your free strategy Call and learn more about what we call 'Tech Headhunting'

Don't hire your next tech executive
before you
talked to us

Schedule your free strategy Call and learn more about what we call 'Tech Headhunting'

Hire Rockstar Executives Experienced Leaders Industry Professionals Senior Management The Perfect Fit.

The right executives can make or break your company and are foundation for scaling. Yet, often they don’t just apply by themselves. With our unique approach to executive search you can hire experienced tech executives without screening hundreds of candidates.

Because when you grow you have to take care of so many things already. And if you don’t have a full-blown HR team in place yet or your are not getting the high-quality candidates your project deserves – that’s where we step in. 

We’ll commit to finding you executives who get the job done. We want to lower your workload, shorten your hiring process and find you some rockstar executives, so you can concentrate on scaling your company and outperform competitors.


Our Approach: tech headhunting

Step 1:
The Groundwork

In the beginning of every new project, we make sure to truely understand your company and which demands your dream candidate has to meet.

If you don’t have a job description, don’t bother to write one – because when we work together, we do all of this for you.

step 2:
Our Secret sauce

The extra time we take in Step 1, we more than make up when we reach out to our network with a clear picture of who you are looking for. 

We screen all the candidates for hard and soft skills as and circle in on their personal fit to your company culture with the most promising.

Step 3:
Your Dream candidate

From 100 possible fits, only 10 undergo our in-depth assessment, before we hand over no more than 3 top-notch candidates to you.

During the whole process, we take extreme ownership of finding the perfect fit for you with the goal to create long-term relationships.



what others say about us

Notwithstanding our pretty specialized role profiles, 42matches always introduces very strong candidates highly fitting our requirements. That’s the support I demand from a top-notch agency! We look forward to continuing our partnership.
Albert Schwarzmeier
It was a great experience working with 42matches, we received suitable candidates in no time, and were supported and guided throughout the whole process. We particularly liked how responsive they always were.
Tatiana Jimenez
People & Culture Manager, Talon.One GmbH
We were filling our senior roles with 42matches. I appreciated the careful selection, the candidates were definitely handpicked. The personal contact was great, Moritz very quickly developed an understanding of our culture. We were very happy to work with 42matches and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.
Michael Baumann
Co-Founder & Managing Director, TWAICE Technologies GmbH
42matches supported us to build up our software engineering team in the early phase. Their people were well pre-selected and fully suitable for our positions. As their team managed the process with authorities and is locally well connected we always had an easy time to bring in people from outside of the EU without hassle. We have and will recommend working with 42matches.
Erik Muttersbach
Managing Director, Forto GmbH

About 42matches

42matches was brought to life to provide an end-to-end solution to the recruiting problem – instead of just throwing resumes over the fence. We are service providers at heart and take pride in lowering your workload and shorten your hiring process. 

From pure consulting to the complete outsourcing of your recruitment process including paperwork and contract preparation – we commit to finding you the best possible candidates out there based on the experience from hundreds of projects.