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Why 42matches?

Your fast-track to tech talent - guaranteed.

At 42matches, we recognise the significance of finding the perfect match. Our approach is personalised and targeted, connecting you with technology professionals who align with your company’s skills, requirements, and culture.

We provide more than just swift placements; we collaborate with you to enhance your recruitment strategies and facilitate a seamless onboarding process for long-term team integration and hiring success. With 42matches, you acquire a strategic partner in constructing a robust, unified team.

Replacement Guarantee

Choose with confidence. If your new hire departs within six months, we will provide a replacement candidate at no extra cost.

Speed Guarantee

Expect to meet your first candidate within 15 days of project start. If this does not happen, the next month of our recruitment service is free of charge.

Commitment Guarantee

Our promise is to always deliver the agreed candidates each month. If this does not happen, the next month of our recruitment service is free of charge.

"42matches supported us to build up our software engineering team in the early phase. Their people were well pre-selected and fully suitable for our positions. We have and will recommend working with 42matches."

Erik Muttersbach, Managing Director @ Forto GmbH

“42matches helped to fill various positions in our team. What impressed me is the speed and quality in the process. Candidate profiles are well selected and they take end-to-end care about the full recruitment process. In addition, they offer something that is becoming more and more important in growing Tech hubs like Berlin with its multitude of recruitment companies seeking the quick opportunity: Trust and a focus on sustainable relationships with their clients.”

Jan Wehrs, CTO & Co-Founder @ Modifi GmbH

“It was a great experience working with 42matches, we received suitable candidates in no time, and were supported and guided throughout the whole process. We particularly liked how responsive they always were.”

Tatiana Jimenez, People & Culture @ Talon One GmbH

“Notwithstanding our pretty specialized role profiles, 42matches always introduces very strong candidates highly fitting our requirements. That’s the support I demand from a top-notch agency! We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Albert Schwarzmeier, CEO @ GmbH

“42matches managed to staff 100% of our job openings of software developers. They came across with interesting candidates when direct applications did not offer what we were looking for.”

Gunnar Anger, CEO @ Parcellock GmbH

“I have been working with 42matches for over a year, and it is the best external recruitment partner I have ever cooperated with. They helped our engineering team with a very ambitious refactoring project by placing talented Golang developers in a short time. Not only do they have talent to find the best engineers, but they really care for them and manage all administrative procedures thoroughly. I highly recommend Moritz and his team!”

Karolina Kettler, Talent Acquisition Manager @ Simplesurance GmbH

“The 42matches team took a comprehensive approach to thoroughly analyze both the technical and cultural requirements of our organization. 42matches quickly mapped our organization and presented us with suitable candidates within a short period of time.”

Christian Bauer, CEO @ Resmio GmbH

“42matches helped us to staff our CTO position with a very well structured process, good understanding of our needs and fast pace. Exactly what we needed in a challenging situation and happy to keep on working with him.”

Nikbin Rohany, CEO @ Shore GmbH

“The cooperation with 42matches is going excellent. The communication is fast, super friendly and constructive. We were able to find three wonderful developers in a very short time. “

Ann-Kristin Casper, Tech Recruiter @ Etribes Connect GmbH

Hard skills + cultural fit = the perfect match

With 42matches, you’re not just getting a few more CVs for your open positions. You’re gaining a strategic partner, committed to your success. With our proven culture assessment and the experience from hundreds of projects, will find the perfect candidates, tailored to your specific roles and company culture which starts a positive spiral of rising productivity, satisfaction und retention.

we are on a mission

To redefine tech recruiting by delivering not just candidates, but the perfect matches that can drive business success.

Through Evaluation

Our extensive experience and rigorous screening process enable us to introduce the most suitable tech experts. They will fit in seamlessly and make an immediate contribution to your team’s success.

Full Service Recruitment

We manage all recruitment aspects, from creating a thorough search plan to overseeing interviews and facilitating effective onboarding. Our goal is to make your hiring journey as smooth and effortless as possible.

Highest Ethical Standards

Collaborate with us for a dependable recruitment process. We protect your company’s reputation and payment system and guarantee that each candidate is presented exclusively to one employer at a time.

Classical Recruiting

42matches Recruiting

Candidate Sourcing

Introduction of applicable and interested candidates for a specific position

Motivation & Summary

Creation of candidate report, incl. career summary, key facts, CV and personal motivation

In-depth Screening

Detailed screening including core values assessment and reference checks if applicable

Offer Management

Offer management, incl. negotiation, contract creation, relocation and visa support (if applicable)

Candidate & Team Coaching

Coaching of candidate for improved team integration

Recruitment Funnel Optimization

Check-up and optimization of recruitment process for higher applicant conversions

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Our conviction

In the early 2000s, businesses focused mainly on maximizing shareholder value. However, in the 2010s, there was a shift towards customer centricity, which transformed the way companies interacted with their customers. Now, in the 2020s, there is a growing emphasis on employee centricity, highlighting the importance of having a skilled and satisfied workforce.

At 42matches, we understand that success in this new era requires a harmonious alignment of hard and soft skills, alongside core values embedded in the organization’s culture. We believe in fostering relationships between employers and employees based on mutual respect and appreciation, ensuring interactions occur on a level playing field. Therefore, companies must adopt a candidate-centric approach to recruitment and engagement.

At 42matches, we believe that successful matches between companies and candidates require more than just a skill fit. It also requires a deep alignment of values and a commitment to mutual respect. We are committed to leading the way in this new landscape by helping organizations not only attract but also retain talent. We do this by establishing meaningful and equitable connections that pave the way for collective success and fulfillment

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