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Venture Clienting Personnel Recruiting

With our deep expertise in Venture Clienting, we understand precisely what’s needed. We streamline the process and help you to fill all Venture Clienting Roles with your new team members – pre-vetted and even trained to the latest industry standards.

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The Future-Proof Formula

How Venture Client Managers Ensure Corporate Success

Venture Clienting is the future-forward approach that enables large corporations to achieve innovation 5-times faster and 3-times more cost-effectively. 

While Venture Clienting may be a lean innovation process, it is undeniably a People Business at its core. The key to successful Venture Clienting lies in having a team of qualified Venture Clienting Managers steering the process.

Find Qualified VC Managers

We leverage our extensive network to uncover hidden talent, ensuring you get access to the most suitable candidates for your unique needs.

Assessed by Industry Experts

Our thorough assessment process combines industry insights and practical evaluations to identify candidates who truly fit your organizational culture and goals.

Trained by Industry Experts

We provide comprehensive training to ensure our candidates are not only skilled but also up-to-date with the latest industry trends and standards in Venture Clienting.

Senior leadership experience

Meet Your Partners

As seasoned entrepreneurs and startup advisors Moritz Drerup and Christian Hüttenhein (left to right) teamed up to take your Venture Clienting to the next level. 

While Moritz as founder of  the tech recruiting agency 42matches brings years of hands-on recruiting experience, Christian adds his unique experiece as Co-founder of Open Bosch – the Venture Client Unit  of the Bosch Group.

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