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Q: Moritz, if you were a cocktail, which one would you be?

A: Dark & Stormy – complex & impulsive.


Talent(ed) Manager

Q: Pelin, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

A: Eating all the cookies at home and then pretending my boyfriend has eaten them.


Recruiting Wizard

Q: Yevheniia, How would a movie about you be titled?

A: No time to die.


Talent Scout Extraordinaire

Q: Marta, what’s the answer to the ultimate question of life?

A: Just ask my cat about this. He seems to know.


Client Success Jockey

Q: Natalie, what’s the last thing you Googled?

A: How to reply to “what is the last thing you googled”


Content Marketing Acrobat

Q: Monika, what’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

A: Deep fried everything.


Talent Manager Rockstar

Q: Hey Kaan, if you were a cocktail, which one would you be?

A: A Pina Colada in an actual coconut with a toothpick umbrella sticking out.

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Q: Hey you, how would you feel working at 42matches?

A: Amazing! I’ll send my CV to hello@42matches.com right away.

We are obsessed...

42matches was brought to life to provide an end-to-end solution to the recruiting problem – instead of just throwing resumes over the fence. We are service providers at heart and take pride in lowering your workload and shorting your hiring process.

We are obsessed with finding the perfect match between top tech talent and aspiring European startups and companies. We decode aspirations and values of both sides, matching not only skills, but also purpose.

In-depth tech industry knowledge, and a wide network paired with our experience, ensures we can answer all your tech recruiting needs. With our team located across Europe we do the sourcing locally and personally.

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Notwithstanding our pretty specialized role profiles, 42matches always introduces very strong candidates highly fitting our requirements. That’s the support I demand from a top-notch agency! We look forward to continuing our partnership.
Albert Schwarzmeier
CEO, Musterhaus.net GmbH
The cooperation with 42matches is going excellent. The communication is fast, super friendly and constructive. We were able to find three wonderful developers in a very short time.
Ann-Kristin Casper
Tech Recruiter, Etribes Connect GmbH
Moritz helped us to staff 100% of our job openings of software developers. He came across with interesting leads from abroad when the German market did not offer what we were looking for. Furthermore, he coordinated the process from selection, his own estimation and the process until receiving the blue card from German authorities.
Gunnar Anger
CEO, ParcelLock GmbH
42matches supported us to build up our software engineering team in the early phase. Their people were well pre-selected and fully suitable for our positions. As their team managed the process with authorities and is locally well connected we always had an easy time to bring in people from outside of the EU without hassle. We have and will recommend working with 42matches.
Erik Muttersbach
Managing Director, Forto GmbH
I have been working with 42matches for over a year, and it is the best externalrecruitment partner I have ever cooperated with. They helped our engineering team with a very ambitious refactoring project by placing talented Golang developers in a short time. Not only do they have talent to find the best engineers, but they really care for them and manage all administrative procedures thoroughly. I highly recommend Moritz and his team!
Karolina Kettler
Talent Acquisition Manager, Simplesurance GmbH
42matches helped to fill various Engineering positions in our team. What impressed me is the speed and quality in the process. Candidate profiles are well selected and they take end-to-end care about the Visa and relocation process. In addition, they offer something that is becoming more and more important in growing Tech hubs like Berlin with its multitude of recruitment companies seeking the quick opportunity: Trust and a focus on sustainable relationships with their clients.
Jan Wehrs
CTO & Co-founder, MODIFI GmbH
42matches helped us to staff our CTO position with a very well structured process, good understanding of our needs and fast pace. Exactly what we needed in a challenging situation and happy to keep on working with him.
Nikbin Rohany
CEO, Shore GmbH
It was a great experience working with 42matches, we received suitable candidates in no time, and were supported and guided throughout the whole process. We particularly liked how responsive they always were.
Tatiana Jimenez
People & Culture, Talon.One GmbH

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